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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another -Proverbs 27:17

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What Is Christian Life Coaching?

Christian life coaching is holistic Christ-centered coaching that applies biblical wisdom to daily life issues. There are many differences between Christian coaching and secular coaching. First, Christian coaching is Christ-centered. Second, in Christian coaching, there is a three-way relationship between the client, the coach, and the Holy Spirit. Secular coaching involves a two-way relationship between coach and client.

Life coaches work with clients in all areas of life including business, career, finances, and relationships. As a result, clients set better goals, make better decisions, take more action, and are more fully aware of their true strengths.


Why Professional Life Coaching?

Professional life coaching helps you to:

  • Change the way you see or think about yourself.
  • Create and implement strategies to improve your business achievement by focusing on your own strategic abilities.
  • Foster personal development in your school and personal life.
  • Create clear goals you truly desire to implement and follow through with.
  • Develop your ability as a successful manager of your personal life and profession.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence while thinking clearly.
  • Stand by your goals and outcomes.

Who Is Coach Mimi?


Coach Mimi was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to the United States at the age of 17.
After graduating from Los Amigos High School, she received a BS in Biological Sciences from UC lrvine and a MA in Clinical Psychology at Pepperdine University. She has also studied at Talbot Theological Seminary and interned for over 10 years at various educational and social institutions.

Coach Mimi has over 3000 supervised internship hours counseling English-speaking individuals, couples, alcoholic women, and children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD.

In 2001, while she was pursuing her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, Coach Mimi collapsed and was diagnosed with acute leukemia. She nearly did not survive until she received a bone marrow transplant. Although she eventually recovered, her immune system is compromised to this day and she continues to suffer from fibromyalgia.

Today Coach Mimi conducts life coaching sessions primarily through the telephone. When she is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with family. She has been married since 1981 to her loving husband, and they currently reside in Orange County, California with their adorable poodles, Brownie and Cookie. She also has two wonderful married sons who live in Northern California with their family. After gaining insight through various trials and life experiences, Coach Mimi now seeks to promote others’ happiness and growth as a Life Coach. 

Coach Mimi's Approach 

Early one morning a man was walking along the beach.
Watching the ocean waves breaking on the shore, and he saw a most unusual thing.
He saw that the beach was littered with thousands of starfish that had been washed up on shore and were dying in the sun. Far down the beach in the distance, he could see a young woman picking up starfish and throwing them back in the ocean, one at a time, When he was close enough to her to be heard above the waves the man said, “You’re wasting your time. There are thousand of starfish here. You can’t possibly make any difference.”
The young woman reached down, picked up a starfish, and threw it as far as she could, back into the sea. “I made a difference to that one,” she said, and she reached down to pick up another. 

-from "Co-active Coaching"


Seminar Topics

Love and marriage

- The Secret to a Happy Marriage
- What You Need to Know About Commitment
- How to have Intimate Sexual Relationship:          Sensuality vs. Sexuality
-The Secret of Family Dynamics Based on a Family system
- Relationship Boundary Issues Workshop
- Advanced Relationship Clinic
- What Is Christian Dating?
- What Is Love? 


- The Parents’ Legacy to Their Children
- Understanding Relationship Boundaries
- How to Raise Children That Count
- Mother & Baby: The Secret of Their Relationship Based on OR Theory
- Educating Children (up to 6 years old)
- How to Identify and Raise Children With ADD &  ADHD
- How to Have an Open Relationship with  Teenagers
- Relationships with Adult Children
- How to Have a Harmonious Relationship with  Married Children
- Mother & Daughter Relationship Workshop
- Father & Son Relationship Workshop 

personal growth

- How to Build a Successful Business
- Balancing Life and Business
- Life’s Three Statements: Purpose, Mission, Legacy
- Understanding Defense Mechanisms
 Inside out 
- How to Fall in Love with the Bible
- Time management: The Spirit Day
- Managing Money
- The Integration of Christianity and Psychology
 Dream Interpretation & Application 
- How to Unclutter Your Mind
- How to Enjoy Life After Retirement
- How to Organize Your Physical Environment
- Overcome Procrastination
- How to Have Healthy Recreation in Life
- Stages and Cycles of Life: The Biological View  Point


  • Mimi H. Park has been my life coach for six years now. She always has given her best, and even more than I could ask for.

    We have worked together on an array of issues. She essentially has helped me to redesign my whole life. I have grown tremendously in all areas of life. Most importantly, she has been a loyal friend helping me grow spiritually and encouraging me to hold fast to the word of God and remain faithful to Him through trials and tribulations.

    Coach Mimi Client
  • I received an assessment session from her over the phone. I didn't know what to expect but the ~75 minutes ended up being very worthwhile. She is warm but honest, and she accurately described several things about me that thanks to her, I will take more seriously. You will gain invaluable things through this time, I strongly recommend :)

    Coach Mimi Client
  • For a few years, I wanted to find some sort of coaching and/or therapy. I knew it would be something that would benefit me as the years became a bit more stressful and hectic for me. When I had my experiences during periods when I felt down, usually after a few days, it will go away. I bottled a lot of my emotions and the things I was going through, and finally at one point, I could not handle it anymore. I felt highly unmotivated, lost interest in things, became depressed, and woke up every day feeling that there was no purpose to my life and I simply was just existing.

    Thankfully, I found Coach Mimi, and she has significantly impacted my life. She cared about me, my well-being, and my journey we went through my sessions. I can tell she genuinely took me, the individual that I am, and what I was going through, seriously. She respected me and attentively listened to me. She gave me a safe and open environment that allowed me to feel comfortable in sharing about me and the experiences I had. During our sessions, she made sure she understood what I was trying to say, asked a lot of questions that allowed me to open up more, and was receptive of everything that I had to say.

    Coach Mimi was my very first life coach, and I am forever grateful that I found her. Perhaps there was a reason why I waited this long to get a life coach. Otherwise, I would probably not have met her. Things happen for a reason, and in this case, I am happy that I could meet her. I recommend anyone that needs a life coach to Coach Mimi. She will help you in the areas that you need coaching with. Even if you are unsure, or uncomfortable with getting a life coach, I highly suggest that you at least try it out, and try it out with Coach Mimi. I am positive you will not regret it.

    Thank you Coach Mimi for everything.

    Coach Mimi Client
  • Thank you Mimi for your help. We've been happier than a barrel full of monkeys since our counseling with you. Hope everything is fine with you. Thanks again

    Coach Mimi Client

How Do I Get Started?

Coach Mimi offers tele-coaching, which enables you obtain coaching over the phone anywhere, at your convenience. 

Feel free to make a call and we'll start from there! Or, fill out the form on the right and Coach Mimi will get back to you shortly.

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